This month's themes were: Designer – Teresa Wentzler, Style – Summer, Colors – Black and Green ... and again, I don't have a single piece in progress that fits in with those themes.

Also, I still seem to be in recovery from that eye surgery as my eyes don't seem to have any stitching stamina *and* I seem to have lost my stitching mojo as a result of the four weeks I had to lay off for recovery. Still, I did get SOME stitching in this month.

Completions included:
  • The Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013: The May block - a monochromatic red and the June block as well:
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday: Slipped Detached Chain, Buttonholed Double Chain, Crested Chain Stitch, and Bullion Buttonhole Stitch
  • The Bead Journal Project 2013 - my May butterfly
  • Casey Buonaugurio design, "The Taco Sampler"

In addition, I took eight pieces into the framer to be framed because fair submittals have to be ready July 1 - 13. I decided to go with "Kimono - Revisited" for Needlepoint framed sampler, "Red Thai Mandala" for Counted Cross Stitch picture 28 ct (even though is it primarily blackwork, there doesn't seem to be a perfect category for it), the Michael Powell "Home is Where the Heart Is" for Counted cross stitch framed picture 16 or 18 ct, the "Charles" name badge for counted cross stitch framed sampler 28 ct, the blue Sumptuous Embroidery study for embroidered framed picture, "Birds of a Feather" for counted cross stitch 32 ct, the Encrusted Embroidery 8" block for Needlework Specialties, beading on fabric, and "The Taco Sampler" for the Special Contest framed picture with a kitchen theme. I picked them all up June 21... a first day of summer present to myself.

Still in progress are: "Midnight Garden", where the borders are now stitched out, a 12" block for entry into the fair with the theme "Pink" (doesn't need framing), and the wall hanging for the 2012 Color Palette/Crazy Quilt Journal/Bead Journal Project blocks (the final side sashings are cut and pinned but still not stitched).

I pre-assembled basic crazy quilt journal blocks for the rest of 2013 but I have yet to design and kit out the June Bead Journal butterfly, the Tracy Horner "Roll Your Own Mandala" SAL (of which there are two now, still not with a color palette chosen) and he Janet Perry background stitch notebook (lesson one printed out but not kitted up, or even read!)