Besides catching up with TAST, finishing the piece for the fair ("The Taco Sampler") and taking nine finished pieces to the framer on Saturday, I did squeeze in some stitching as well this past week.

I managed to get the main part of the outer borders done for "Midnight Garden", as well as some of the black cross-stitched elements in the middle border:

Ready for blackwork!

I also put together a 12.5" block (12" finished) for the "Pink" category for the fair. It needs embellishment but the basic block is done:

And the basic block for the June Crazy Quilt Journal Project is ready to embellish as well:

I still need to kit out the June Bead Journal Project butterfly, the needlepoint background stitch journal for Janet Perry, and at least two "Roll Your Own" mandalas for that Tracy Horner SAL. Of course, kitting out isn't the same as stitching but my eyes seem to be improving daily and if I can do better than my latest stitching times, I should be able to do some catching up this next week!