So far, so good ...

Been busy this last couple of days moving things across from flickr.

I've created a new complete album, which reflects the sights I saw whilst visiting a local Lancia Delta specialist here in North Yorkshire. The album is called
Walkers - South Otterington and it can be viewed in full by simply by clicking the link or the album cover below.

I've also started two other albums:
Ripon Autumn Classic 2012 and Ripon Spring Classic 2013. Neither is complete though at this stage as I'm only moving a few photos at a time from flickr to reflect the way they were originally uploaded to that site.

So, please check them out, but remember to keep coming back as it'll be some time before I get all the images from those two shows online. I've also started the following groups:

UK Car Shows in the 20th Century

Old Cars Spotted Out & About
Dogs & People At Car Shows
VW Scirocco Mk1
VW Scirocco Mk2

Feel free to check these out too and contribute if you like.