Hello ipernity! Like many others, I have come here following massive disappointment with Flickr's unwanted changes to its site. ipernity seems like the Flickr I used to know and I am sure I will grow to love it just as much as I loved 'old' Flickr.

As you will see, I am a bus enthusiast, and the overwhelming majority of my shots are bus related. However, I am also a bit of a rail enthusiast, especially 'lost' railways, so you will find some rail related shots too. I take my camera everywhere with me, and so there will also be 'random' shots of whatever has caught my eye - buildings, scenery, people, events...

I look forward to seeing old Flickr friends and to making new ipernity friends too!

I have 15000 photos on Flickr so it's going to take a while to migrate and sort them all - incidentally does anyone know if there's the equivalent of 'collections' on here in which to group albums (sets)?

Happy snapping!