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Updated on: 17 May 2024.

england & paris 2022, album created on 08 Oct 2022

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Clouds, album created on 06 Apr 2022

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World Photography Day - August 19, album created on 20 Aug 2021

All the photos I wanted to add to the club group - only one got to be added, but the group here is a kind of story of my day and my relationship to photography. ======================= So I’ve tried to not look at everyone else’s photos before taking and choosing my photo for the day, but I couldn’t help but notice (while doing my administrative chores) that there is a wonderful range of types of photos. And now I’m tasked with choosing which type to share as a representation of my day. I thou…

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My personal cheat sheet for using ipernity - 2 years ago

1. HAVE FUN! 2. ADDING IMAGES TO COMMENTS: -- Image has to be up on ipernity (though it can be private). -- On image page, go to Actions/Share (HTML code) [find the Actions link on the bar to the right of the image]. -- Choose size of photo you want to embed in the comment. -- THEN, copy "Insert the photo" code HTML (bottom box). -- Place this code into the comment field. Note: You can preview your comment to make sure the image shows up correctly and is the size you want. All comm…

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raingirl club
Daniela, You were having difficulties sending photos to ipernity. All should be good now.
5 days ago.
Daniela club
Bonjour chère Laura

Je ne me rappelle plus ce que je t’avais demandé. J’ai beaucoup cherché dans mes mails sans rien trouver Peux-tu me dire où nous en sommes toi et moi ?

6 days ago.
raingirl club
I have replied to Daniela - her issue is fixed. It had to do with our upgrade to SSL pages. Always a few glitches when websites are updated - but our volunteers fixed things very quickly.
6 days ago.
Daniela club
Chère Laura, je travaille sur Mac, donc je ne peux plus envoyer aucune photo à IPERNITY jusqu'à nouvel ordre, c'est vraiment rageant...
Mail :
11 days ago.
Annemarie club
Have a nice day!
2 months ago.

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