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Updated on: 11 Jun 2024.

March for Palestine 11, album created on 31 Mar 2024

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Kyrgyzstan, album created on 09 Mar 2024

Photos taken in and around Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. May 2023.

Karaganda, album created on 07 Mar 2024

The industrial city of Karaganda dates back to 1833, when a local shepherd allegedly found coal on the site of the city, prompting a coal mining boom.

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Speak Protest: City of Animal Abuse - 4 years ago

The last time I saw Mel Broughton protesting the Oxford Animal Lab as part of the SPEAK campaign was at the Martyr’s Memorial in July 2007. By December 2007 Broughton was remanded in custody facing charges of conspiracy to blackmail and the possession of incendiary devices. He faced a series of retrials before being sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2010 for conspiracy to commit arson. Broughton was released in 2013 after serving 5 yea…

  • SPEAK Protest: Pro-Test

    - 03 May 2020
    SPEAK Protest: Pro-Test
    On 25th February the stakes in SPEAK‘ s campaign against the building of the new Oxford Animal Lab were raised. Four weeks earlier, 16 year old Laurie Pycroft had been shopping in Oxford when he witnessed a SPEAK protest and decided to stage one of his own in support of the lab with a couple of friends. They made some impromptu banners and began chanting, “Build the lab!” Nothing much came of his stand that day, but he decided to go home and write about his experience on his blog. His ac…

  • SPEAK Protest: Boycott Vodaphone

    - 03 May 2020
    Speak Protest
    This was the second SPEAK protest in Oxford city centre that I documented. A small gathering of people assembled to highlight their feelings that funding given to Oxford University by Vodaphone could help to fund the animal lab . SPEAK had other events planned across the city that day, but despite the relatvely small numbers of protesters here, the police presence remained strong and they filmed and photographed everything that happened at close proximity. The…

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