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On the road to the cliff - 8 years ago

My country is in a very critical phase of developing a process of collective suicide. Because the subject is not an individual but a whole society -which actually is not "a" society but many hostile societies in the same framed part of the universe- this is not a simple decision but a complex process. There is a lot of killing and terror (with the widest possible meaning of the word). Racism is not a danger but a reality which poisons everything: the souls, minds, relations, life... and prepares…

  • Does ipernity have any counter?

    - 07 Jun 2015
    No need to repeat the question. And it is not easy to accept the answer: maybe. Plus, I guess not. You add 34 photos of an event. Each of these photos are viewed between 57 and 90 times. So you have to have app. 74 views and ca. 2500 total. But your total view count was before and after. It is ridiculous and useless. I am using this "shop" as a showcase and mostly for special purposes, so it is not a crucial problem. And I am happy to pay to this shop at the corner and not to th…

  • 16 Tons - Miners' destiny

    - 18 May 2014
    We had a -new- mining disaster with ca. 380 dead fathers, sons, brothers, friends. We even don't know how many bodies are burried down there after three days because we cannot reach the real figures. The mining companies and the state are responsible for all info. But who can trust the killer about a murder? [ EDIT: At the end of the rescue efforts the official death toll is 301. ] My film 16 Tons is an ironic look at the history of humanity. It tells the story of how we came to construct the…

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