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Updated on: 14 Jul 2024.

Special Treats, album created on 04 Feb 2024

Sweet treats, and savory canapes, too. Help yourself from the *special* heart-shaped tray. Just make sure that your hands are clean. ;)

My Man, album created on 23 Apr 2023

I think it's obvious what ties all these works together. :D Thanks, Lady Day.

Rose Room, album created on 01 Jan 2023

Another year, another album (or two). Woo hoo! (Named for the 1917 Jazz standard by Art Hickman and Harry Williams.)

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xenophora club
[party noises]
6 months ago.
raingirl club
Happy holidays to you , east sider!
6 months ago.
raingirl club
Happy Holidays! We survived the snow/ice/wind - hope you did as well.

peace from the other side of the river.
18 months ago.
xenophora club
All right, so this has not been my most productive year ever. Still, I have made some good new things, and some good new friends.

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate. I wish you only the best in the new year. <3
18 months ago. Edited 18 months ago.
xenophora club
Happy 2022, ipernity! Incidentally:

Trans men are men.
Trans women are women.
Non-binary and agender folks? They also exist.

If you're convinced otherwise, you know where the Unfollow button is.

2 years ago.

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