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Updated on: 21 May 2024.
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My counter ticked over 190,000 around about 23:59 on 9th May 2024, based on the usual patterns of visits during nightime hours. Much better weather here in the last few days, with greater amounts of sunshine, much less cloud / rain, and therefore warmer temperatures. I am sure the local sheep and farmers appreciate the improvement, my garden certainly seems to do so - and I've needed to do several grass cutting sessions. NOTE : Now on BST from 02:00 on 31st March 2024 - so hopefully some sunshine and dry weather cometh ... GMT returns on 27th October 2024, with Samhain, bonfires and winter to follow ... Many Thanks for visiting ! as I really do appreciate all the various interactions with my images, especially the comments & favourites. I'm hoping to be more interactive with other people's images etc in 2024, as well as deal with most of my own image backlog in the next few months. Obviously, the newest albums have the least number of views - currently they are on page 12 of most viewed albums. I have been keeping up with my uploads, with various visits to places of interest featuring quite strongly but the vast majority are still "Private" as I have been busy in the garden and with a range of administration & other activities ... I have caught up with the last of the backdated items in the Cobid-19 album. Also, I am still working away with more of the various backdated images, and I have found some more "missing" images ... this has meant creating more new albums, for those that didn't fit into the existing albums; as well as adding titles, captions and keywords to the actual images. Final stage is unlocking them and adding some to groups. Mostly, I have "tagged" the albums I am working on with *New*,*updated*,*WiP* and *done* as needed, these will stay for a week or three, depending on the status. For my ease of access, I sometimes add the albums I am currently working with into my favourites, so the contents of the "favourite" banner on my album home page may get changed periodically. Currently, SRR have hree vehicles as two new jobs for 2022, their *NEW* albums appeared recently. Backdated coverage is for :- NSR23, MSR62 & 63, plus two ex-Corris vehicles now on the Talyllyn. Also, various "holiday snaps" and visits to places of interest & gala type events. I still have several hundred images to process, and a further backlog of images to upload ... Please stay safe and healthy - keep indoors or follow social distancing rules if you must make an essential trip outside. Wash hands or sanitise them frequently. Cover face - Wear a mask over your nose and mouth when required, please, for not only your own protection but also for others. Make Space ; Stay at least the minimum distances apart (for me, in the UK that is 2m) Ventilation - make sure there is plenty of fresh air That means there have been an average of 1,000 interactions with my photostream each month, so very many thanks to all the visitors and for all the comments and yellow stars. Apologies, all this has been delayed as I have been concentrating on my garden rebuilding project and writing tender documentation. Although I have been doing a lot more of my administration work at home since March 2020. Luckily, I have avoided catching the plague, so far.

  • Bereaved - In memorium

    - 23 Mar 2024
    In the wee small hours of 7th January 2019, my wonderful father died. May his katra Rest In Peace. ~~~~ Birthday memories ... 23rd March 2024 - where have the past five years gone ? they went past in what seems to have been a brief flash, on waking this morning I didn't feel quite as bereft as I usually do at this time of year. Sleep well Patro, I miss you ! e2aa - Somewhat similar to what happened last year, four years seems to have passed in a brief flash and this morning I felt the loss very keenly. E2A - This morning I awoke to feelings that the last three years seem like yesterday, not that I slept particularly well. [This is a very personal sense of loss and I am not decrying all the suffering and deaths from the pandemic, quite the opposite] I typed my first version of this before dawn on 7th Jan 2022, deleted it and tried again. It would have been his 103rd birthday on 23rd March 2022 (1919 to 2019) and I doubt he would have managed to get to 104 [23rd March 2023] ... Father's Day in the UK on 18th June 2023. Always a sad day, I miss the opportunity to send himself some bad esperanto in an humourous card. ~~~~ this links to an image in my photos entitled "CAS - esperantist" (which was in the Ipernity Frontpage and What's Hot group on 3rd March 2019)

  • Team Ipernity News - 28th Jan 2022

    - 31 Jan 2022 . Be a part of shaping ipernity's future! . Please read this article on the Team blog [28th January 2022].

CoLC - Cost of Living Crisis, album created on 19 Feb 2024

A lot of factors have induced the current Cost of Living Crisis in Great Britain. Sadly, it is not just another way at looking at inflation ... The current crisis covers the rising costs of energy, food, health and housing, amongst other things. The aggression Ru55ia has displayed by invading Ukraine [Feb 2022 and ongoing] is only part of the explanation, Climate Change is another cause as is the sheer greed for profits in many sectors of life / economy / industry by a small % of the population.

SoS[24] - Signs of Spring (2024), album created on 31 Jan 2024

Tracking the arrival of Spring 2024. Earlier sunrise & later sunsets, spring bulbs, unfurling leaves and new spring lambs ... and unseasonal snow !

stb - stop the boats, album created on 07 Jan 2024

for some reason rishi sunak & braverman [home sec at the time] have fixated on "stop the boats" as if it an important policy, see also the rwanda removal flights. as indicated in the meme, most people seem to have given higher priority to policies for dealing with other, more urgent problems. personally, I'm disgusted, whilst uncontrolled migration [leaving aside true asylum seekers & true refugees who are fleeing conflict etc] can develop into a problem, this tory / nasty party policy is inhum…

*updated* UKR - Ukraine [2022/.../24 invasion], album created on 01 Apr 2022

24th February 2022 marked the start of an invasion - on several fronts - of Ukraine by Russian armed forces, displacing a significant number of refugees. Slava Ukraini ! [Glory to Ukraine !] 100 days was on 3rd June 2022, At this time, Russia's "Orc Army" holds approximately 20% of Ukraine in an arc from Kherson in the South via Crimea and part of the Donbas to near Kharkiv in the East. Current counter-offensive operations are around Kherson, Kharkiv and the original [2014] separatist areas, aft…

VoR - Vale Of Rheidol Railway, Aberystwyth, album created on 13 Jul 2021

Paid another return visit in 2024[24] to the VoR and Aberystwyth, mainly to collect some replica Manx Northern upholstery tapes, but also to inspect the new museum and the Cliff Railway that climbs Constitution Hill. The previous visit was in 2019 [19] to a line that I knew very well in my youth. I was a p-g student in the early 1980s at the College of Librarianship when the campus was at Llanbadarn Fawr. One of my relaxations was to "watch" the trains [since privatisation, in 1989, several of t…

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