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 Ern Jacoby
Ern Jacoby club
Thank you for your visits and nice comments and I enjoy your photographic skills and landscapes of your country I never had the opportunity to visit!
3 years ago.
StoneRoad2013 club
Thank you for your visits and the comments etc. I'll be returning to your pages shortly.

Ben is such a darling ... he loves to herd us together, keeping his family in one place when we are out on field trips.
2 years ago.
GrahamH club
I was reminded that I hadn't seen your photos for a while today. I saw a mention of Klamath Falls in a news item and thought I'd better see what cooking. I didn't expect angry capsicum though. :-) How are you? I've heard about your region being a bit hot.
11 months ago. Edited 11 months ago.
Annemarie club
Wish you a serene Easter time!
3 months ago.
Annemarie club
Happy Weekend:)

Thanks for your comments on my yesterday pic!
3 months ago.

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