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Add a tag to a document.
June 2009 - Tags output format has changed !

  • This method call must be authenticated and signed.
  • This method requires "write" permission on docs.




api_key Your api_key.
doc_id The ID of the document you wish to add a tag on.
keywords The keyword tags to add to the document. You may add one or more keyword tags using the syntax: holidays,beach or "blue sky",sunset.
members A comma separated list of member IDs or member Web aliases. The members must belong to the calling user network.
: this parameter is required.
At least one of the keywords or members parameter is required.


<tags added="2" dropped="0">
    <tag type="keyword" id="125652" user_id="123" tag="car!" />
    <tag type="member" id="67787" user_id="123" tag="Johnathan" />

Error codes

1 Document not found The document ID is invalid or insufficient permissions to view this doc.
2 Parameter missing None of the keywords or members parameters where sent.
3 Maximum tags reached The maximum number of tags has been reached for this document, or the actual number of tags + the ones added is over the limit. Getting this error means none of the tags have been added.

100 API Key is missing Please add the api_key parameter to this request.
101 API Key is invalid This API key is invalid or disabled.
102 Invalid format The requested format is invalid. Valid formats are : json, xml, php.
103 Method not found The requested method is invalid or missing.
104 Signature missing The query signature is missing.
105 Signature is invalid The query signature is invalid.
106 Token missing User is not logged. The authentication token is missing.
107 Token invalid The authentication token is invalid.
108 Account closed The user account is closed or suspended.
109 Action blocked This action is blocked because of a member or a group blocklist restriction
110 Insufficient permissions Insufficient permissions for this method.
111 IP not allowed The request came from a remote address not allowed by this application.
112 Application Quota Error The application has reached its requests quota.
113 Client IP Quota Error The client IP has reached a limit. Limits are based on requests per seconds, minutes, hours, ...
120 HTTP POST required This API method must be called using HTTP POST.
121 Invalid SOAP envelope The SOAP envelope could not be parsed.
122 Invalid XML-RPC envelope The XML-RPC envelope could not be parsed.
130 OAuth protocol version unsupported We only support OAuth version 1.1 and 1.1a
131 OAuth parameters are missing Some of the OAuth parameters were not sent: %s%
132 OAuth Clock skew The timestamp sent is out of ranges. Please check your computer clock is not skewed.
133 OAuth Nonce is invalid The OAuth Nonce parameter cannot be used twice.
134 OAuth Timestamp is invalid The OAuth Timestamp parameter is out of ranges (clock skew) or inferior to the previous timestamp sent.
135 OAuth Signature method unsupported The OAuth Signature must be either MD5, HMAC_SHA1 or PLAINTEXT over HTTPS.
500 Service error Service general error.
501 Maintenance mode Service under temporarily maintenance. Thank you for your kind understanding.
503 Service unavailable The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes.


  • 2008-12-01: Method created.
  • 2009-06-12: Response format has changed: tag_id renamed to id, title renamed to tag

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