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"Our Favorite Spot"

Neiges de printemps / Spring snows - 2020-2021

White and Peach Rose Closeup


Behind A Tall Fence

Spider Nest

Day Lily Closeup

Young Goat

Amish Draft Horse Lancaster County, PA

A Place To Sit A While.

Un petit tour de calèche ?

woodpecker st bruno April 2021 DSC 8736

Whakamaru Outing

Jalisco Sculpture Brooklyn Museum

Up The Steps

C'était les beaux jours !

'Pomponella Fairy Tale' For Joni

Tokoroa Sunset

The ancient eye/3 (The upside-down heart)

The Tower At Matamata Museum

The ancient eye/2

frog and spawn city park DSC 8940

Grandma's Treats at the Bakery

Shell We Dance?

Quiet Country Road.