Group: 300-400 Views

Falconry demonstration.

Painting by Meggie.

Saint Charles Estate (1856).

The wide inlet of Maó harbour.

Óbidos Castle.

Wall art, by Utopia.

Traffic constraint...

Ria Formosa.

Tree ferns.

Grande Hotel Lisboa.

Carved wood above choir stalls.

Thai chicken skewer with curry rice.

Ruins of acropolis' walls.

Towering view to River Kura.

"Rhizome", by Antony Gormley (1998).

Naples Bay and Vesuvius.

Inserting nature on concrete, by Zabou (France).

Mocho's spot - welcome!

"Peace on the world".

Paleo-christian baptistery.

Side aisle of building.

Poster with martial arts attitude.

Pillar of access to April 25th Bridge.

Stalin's private bathroom.

Street art or rural art?

Parking supervisor.

Millennium Clock.