Group: kids.........................

Komang and Komang

Young worshipper at the Pengrebongan festival

Bali kids at the street party

Boys from Sembung

Bali Aga girl Lintang

Boy greets in Singaraja

Dressed for the holy ceremony

Welcome in Hanoi

Bali Aga girl Sujatmi in Trunyan

Anjeli and Chandra

Young worshipers come to Pura Ponjok Batu


Young Balinese enjoy in Air Sanih


Cute water lovers look out

Girl taught by her father learns to swim

Muslim girls and their school uniform

le métro de la neige à SAMOËNS


Ich bau mir ein Haus!

Dancing on the city mainroad in Havana Vieja

In front of an housedoor in the lane of Baracoa

Kids playing at the market place in Trinidad Cuba

Schoolgirls discusion in Trinidad

Training für WM 2026

Mon garçon sur un radeau