Group: water forms

Lonely Sentinel (HWW)

Boat at Bottom of Cable Car, Santorini (HFF)

Green Flash During 2016 Pacific Ocean Cruise

Ford Tractor (HFF, H.A.N.W.E.)

Wet Chain (Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

A Quiet Seat By The Lake

Hammam Maskhoutine

Cap Carbon

Car wash

Park Fountains (HFF, H.A.N.W.E.)

Sit and Enjoy the View (HBM)

Devils Gulch, South Dakota

Waiting For A Break In The Traffic

Photographers In The Mist

Seeing clearly

Natural mineral water in Truso Valley

Food Group

Ice Lake, near Manang, Annapurna Circuit (4600m ab…

Lotsa Fences (HFF!)


Water levels


Sydney Harbor


Sørfjord (Osterøy)

End of day on the Pacific

Klamath Wildlife Refuge