Group: " 100% - My home is my castle "

São Marcelo Fort

Princess earrings are back

Since a long time I didn't sea in my garden any bu…

The lobby

Tritt ein - HFF

A garden's corner

Beloved by RD ;))

Camogli : poco spazio per costruire : le case hann…

Afternoon Snack.

Yesterday afternoon, today morning

Early Summer.

Albarregas River.

"Cat on a Hot Stone Wall"

April carpet honoring my walking over

Vineria in Torbole


The shed requires a deep Spring cleaning

Unusual balance

Garden in transition module into Spring

Die Bank im Grünen

In Deep Shadows

Honey In A Shopping Bag.

La torre Guelfa si specchia nell'Arno

It's good to enjoy the rain, the cold, and the win…