Group: Scandinavia (Denmark, Iceland, Faroes, Finland, Norway and Sweden)

Iceland, Brown Mountains of Kerlingarfjöll

Iceland, Geothermal Activity in the Valley of Kerl…

Tromsø (PiP)

Iceland, Kerlingarfjöll, The Rock Covered by Brown…

Iceland, Landscape of Kerlingarfjöll

Iceland, Haifoss and Granni Waterfalls

Malmö cityscape

Iceland, Haifoss and Granni Waterfalls

Iceland, Landmannalaugar River in the Foreground,…

Hornøya fyrtårn (PiP)

Iceland, The Crater of Stútur

Iceland, The Skogafoss Waterfall from Bottom to To…

Iceland, Approaching the Skogafoss Waterfall

Iceland, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Der Blick in die andere Richtung (PiP)

Iceland, The Dyrhólaey Lighthouse Close-Up

Iceland, The Dyrhólaey Lighthouse

Happy Fence Friday !

Iceland, Coastal Landscape with Black Beach of Dyr…

Ein schöner Frühlingstag in Drammen

Iceland's Southernmost Skerry

Iceland, Puffins Family at the Dyrhólaey Cape

NO - Oslo - Hotel am Holmenkollen

Iceland, The Dyrhólaey Cape and Kirkjufjara Black…