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This group is for all the stuff of the beautiful city of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Here you can find more, more specific groups about Hamburg: District-Groups: Altona, Barmbek, Bramfeld, St. Pauli Places: Airport Alster-lake Bridges and Tunnels Elbe-river Elbphilharmonie FC St. Pauli Guess Wh…

Portraits in black and white, the face should be visible and a main subject! No colour, no animal-portraits!

A group for textured photos ONLY Please type the reference of the texture's Owners you use in description. Thanks.

Any kind of humorous images. Please no images of 'cute' animals. There are other groups for this, for example: Funny Animals

Images generated by artificial intelligence can be posted here. In addition, this group is an invitation to engage in discussions on this topic.