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Legong dancing at Puputan

29 Oct 2016 5 1 135
Denpasar was the site of a suicidal battle of the rajas of Badung against the Dutch Militia in 1906. A large open square in the centre of the city, named Puputan Square, commemorates the event. The two young ladies dancing to celebrate the memoral of the awful battle.

Season's Greetings to all my Photofriends

29 Jan 2023 3 121
My best wishes to all my friends and users from Ipernity for an Happy X-Mas and the best for the New Year 2024. Wolfgang and his family in Bangkok, Sena Nikhom

Rita in portrait pose

28 Oct 2023 6 2 132
Rita Deliana in her traditionel outfit

Two water frogs enjoying at the poolside

24 Oct 2023 3 1 143
A reunion with the sweet girls Luh Ade (10) and Luh Gedeh (8), my friend Komang's daughters

Young lady from the neighborhood

09 Mar 2016 7 142
Ni Nenga Sathu during the Nyepi Day of Silence in March 2018 on the property of the Banjar in the village Sembung. She soon got married and now is proud of having two kids.

Rita in the pool

13 May 2022 6 2 146
A refreshment in the pool of the apartment village in Sanur, Tirta Ening

Sacred scene in front of the sacrificial altar

29 Jan 2023 4 1 126
After the Pemangku priest is blessing thr offerings he also give the avsolution the worshipping woman kneeling on the flor waiting to get spashed with holy water. The photo was done inside the holy temple Pura Dalem Penataran nearby Desa Sembung in the provice of Mengwi on Bali.

Gate to Pura Dalem Penatara

29 Jan 2023 4 129
The Pura Dalem Penataranis a temple complex closeby Sembung the village where I have an homestay since 12 years. The Pura Dalem is the type of the temple dedicated to the worship of Shiva, Durga, Mother nature, Banaspatiraja (barong), Sang Bhuta Diyu, Sang Bhuta Garwa, and other deities. The temple is connected to rituals concerning death. The temple complex is typically located next to the graveyard of the deceased prior to ngaben (cremation) ceremony.

Adii in outfit of goddess Vishnu

08 Mar 2016 7 159
On Tawur Kesanga, the day before the Balinese Nyepi, an actual exorcism ceremony is performed, in which Adii, my friend's daughter, masked, made up and disguised as the deity Vishnu, takes part in the procession in Bali. Hindus worship Lord Vishnu as one of the main deities. It is believed that it is his power that protects the earth and sustains life on it. Vishnu is the god of Preservation, the great maintainer who often appears in various incarnations (avatara) to provide salvation for humanity. Some of his best-known avatars, who are tremendously popular and beloved throughout Hindu India, are the gods Krishna and Rama. The picture was taken after the masking in the municipality of Sembung in Bali in March 2016.

Bride and niece at the entrance gate

11 Nov 2022 9 74
The bride Komang and her niece Rita Deliana in front of the grooms entate gate. Rita wearing the blue sarong dress what has the meaning that she still is single and doing the service as a flower girl during the wedding party. The gate is the entrance to the estate from the groom.

In outifit for the Puputan memorial

29 Oct 2016 7 168
The girl called Gek Aninda was asking me to set her portrait photo which I captured in October 2016. The Puputan festival is celebratet in memorial of the overall, of the Dutch force managed to move inland without much resistance in the city of Kesiman on 20 September 1906. Gek Andinda means the pretty dear girl in the Banjar (community) of Kesiman society.

Viewpoint at Bukit Asah Bali

28 Oct 2022 11 2 146
Magnificent view from the campsite of Bukit Asah Bali National Park on Bali

Baya Sabda Idep Festival

23 Oct 2016 2 1 160
The Pemuteran Bay Festival is an annual celebration held by the local community. Lies in the northwest part of Bali, Pemuteran is a village with tremendous tourism potential. The coastal village is an example of a well-managed ecotourism community. The ingenuity of the masquerades knows no bounds. This masquerade took several weeks, even months, to be worked on. Pemuteran Coastal Village is aimed and recognized as model of best practices for Community Based Village Ecotourism as an effective tools for conservation of living landscape of nature and culture.

Adii dancing Lenda Lendi

20 Mar 2018 4 126
Ni Lenda Lendi, created from a shadow, is a worshiper of Dewi Durga, the queen of black magic and goddess of death. Like her sister Leyak, she can transform into many different shapes and images, including monkeys, flame balls, and flying white cloth, but her specialty is a crow. She moves quickly, sneaks back and forth and stops three times to turn around, a ritual gesture that helps her regain strength, and her excited eyes reveal her naughty intent. Like her sisters, she can cause plague, illness and death and can only be destroyed with powerful magic. Her arched eyes are typical of masks, as are her exaggerated teeth. The photo was taken spontaneously at an Odalan Festival in the municipality of Sembung, Mengwi Province, Bali

Wedding guest group photo

30 Oct 2022 3 1 133
Well dressed women at the wedding festival in Kesiman by Denpasar. Married women wear a pink sarong and the young ladiy at the front a blue sarang. Rita Deliana still is single and is waiting to get married after her study. The bride is only present for a short time. The groom kidnaps the bride for 7 days from the homestead of the father-in-law who has been initiated and lives with her in hiding.

Jukung boats on the Virgin Beach

28 Oct 2022 3 130
A huge number of outrigger boats are moored at Virgin Beach a popular bathing beach in Karangasem. A place for travelers who enjoy an atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. The waves are strong enough to make visitors have to be vigilant. Sometimes it can be dragged along, although many also use it to play. Fighting against the waves without bouncing.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu holy springs

23 Jan 2023 95
Holy springs nearby the rice fields of Ceking. The visit during evening had a special atmosphere and we were compliedly alone taking the holy bath. My attached photo shows the holy bath in Taman Tirta Empul, the most famouse sacred spring water on Bali.

Blessing from Pemangku priest

11 Nov 2022 3 124
The wedding couple is blessed by a Pemangku priest and his wife. Pemangku are simple, good-natured souls who live near the temple, leading normal lives except when a temple celebration makes them the center of attention. Before a ceremony takes place, the family gives an offering of money to the Pemangku's shrine of spiritual power (taksu). A Pemangku doesn't make a living as a priest, but works as a farmer or merchant. But in this case of the wedding ceremony he is calling the good demons for giving the couples a good future.

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