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Prunus maackii

25 May 2022 20 12 263
Prunus maackii , commonly called the Manchurian cherry or Amur chokecherry, is [...] grown as an ornamental tree in northern Europe and North America, mainly for its decorative bark. - Wikipedia Soundtrack: Spunkshine has released a new album! ♫ A Memory of Something Vast and Elemental (Deezer) ♫ A Memory of Something Vast and Elemental (BandCamp)

Populus tremula ’Erecta’ in spring - Tampere, Finl…

19 May 2022 15 4 228
Spring! The fresh aspen leaves looks almost "rusty". The same spot in 2016:

"Loskakeli", Tampere, Finland

08 Apr 2022 21 14 279
In Finnish there are numerous words to describe the different forms of snow: lumi: snow pyry: snow shower myräkkä: snowstorm rae: hail räntä: sleet tuisku: snow shower with strong wind laviini: a small avalanche hyhmä: snow floating atop water loska: very wet snow; snow, water and mud mixed together sohjo: slush; snow and water mixed together ahto: pack-ice (broken & refrozen ice) ahtauma: a formation of pack-ice jää: ice kide: ice crystal kohva: gray ice formed from wet snow paanne: multi-layered ice (typically waves crash on top and freeze) railo: pressure ridge in ice röpelö: uneven ice tökkö: ice with frost on top iljanne: a thin layer of snow atop ice hanki: a even layer of snow on the ground, esp. if enough for skiing huurre: rime; granular frost (the white stuff in your freezer) härmä: frost kinos: snow drift; a loose pile of snow, esp. one formed by wind kaljama: a thick layer of ice on the ground, lethal in the spring kuura: hoarfrost; frozen dew nietos: a large, hard pile of snow (may be refrozen) nuoska: "snowballable” snow, usually formed when powdery snow melts a bit polanne: a hard layer of compacted snow tykky: large chunks of snow, esp. when frozen onto trees viti: freshly fallen powdery snow avanto: a hole in ice jotos: reindeer tracks in snow latu: a ski trail in snow rannio: a reindeer path in deep snow Sources: ➽ Wiktionary: loskakeli ➽ Welcome to my Finland, Finnish words for snow

April 2022, Tampere, Finland

05 Apr 2022 25 14 266
"Spring" greetings. Been inactive for a year. And only visited to say hello. Last winter we got a lot of this white stuff. Last week it looked it is almost over, but not! Although I do hate snow, it surely looks nice sometimes. Dedicated to Isabel ;-) P.S. Just renewed my membership. So, at least supporting Ipernity that way.


18 Jan 2022 24 381
Hello World! A short update on my whereabouts. I've been alright. Since last spring, I have totally lost my interest on amateur photography and social media. First I just planned to have a short break. But then it turned out as a "way of life". I got more time to spend with my close ones, and also more time to be idle, which is good in a long run. According to some studies, being idle and even bored is good for the brains . But I also do feel like I have betrayed ipernity and all my contacts here. And I do feel ashamed because of that. Please try to forgive me that. So, most likely I'll continue being idle and inactive. And definitely stop giving any promises, which I clearly can't keep. But I will continue paying for the ipernity standard subscription, to keep my articles and posts available. And if you do need to reach out for me, you will find the way ;-)

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