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Nigella Seed Heads

17 Jul 2024 12 12 21
I was collecting the seeds from my Nigella (Love in a Mist) seed heads this morning and it seemed like a good idea to photograph them as well. Taken indoors in natural window light with a sheet of yellow card as a background.

Street Art

19 Jun 2024 15 18 29
I spotted this wonderful piece of artwork in Milton, Hampshire. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the artist is, so I can't credit him or her :-( I suspect it might have something to do with the Tattoo Studio next door to it, but it wasn't open at the time so I couldn't ask.

Sailing Boat and Buoy

18 Jun 2024 14 22 34
Taken from the beach at Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Natural Abstract

14 Jul 2024 18 31 39
There is a colour version of this in the PiP. Personally this version is my favourite. If you're not sure what this is, please check out the PiP or the Keywords. Taken indoors in natural light.

Banded Snail (+PiPs)

13 Jul 2024 20 30 49
I was moving a pile of old bricks from a corner of my garden and found this little beauty. I put it on a leaf to take a photo and then returned it to the garden. It was moving very fast, but I managed to grab two more photos, which are in the PiPs if you fancy looking :-)))

Swan with Cygnets

28 Jun 2024 15 24 41
Captured in the reed beds of a large pond in Emsworth, Hampshire. Out of shot my wife had thrown in some food pellets to get them to come close enough for me to get a shot :-)

Stacking Boxes

11 Jul 2024 16 20 52
These colourful boxes can be placed one inside another..........similar to a set of Russian stacking dolls.

Agapanthus Buds

08 Jul 2024 19 30 54
We have 7 of these stalks on the Agapanthus in a pot in our front garden. This one is the closest to being in full flower. It's going to be a beauty I think!

Beach Huts & Houses

18 Jun 2024 16 20 46
Another couple of shots from Hayling Island. Taken during our brief taste of summer last month :-))) Another shot in the PiP if you feel up to looking! Cropped to 16/9 format, so probably best viewed large.

Fox and Cubs

25 Jun 2024 24 46 63
Fox and cubs, Pilosella aurantiaca, is so-called because of the appearance of the open flowers (the fox) alongside the flower buds (the cubs). Strictly speaking they are weeds, and although they are beautiful, they also spread like crazy if they are not controlled, so we only allow a few in the garden. This one was pulled up and photographed indoors before going in the compost bin.

Crow in the Sunshine

19 Jun 2024 20 26 49
Taken using my car as a hide.........shooting through the open window. It was a difficult shot to get.........we were parked up next to an ice-cream stall and I nearly dropped my ice-cream cone grabbing my camera from the floor of the car -)))

A Trio of Daisies

25 May 2024 20 26 48
I picked these from the lawn before my wife mowed them down and afterwards rearranged them in the grass and took this photo. My wife likes to keep the grass short.........I prefer it longer. It's a constant battle, which I rarely win :-)))

Poppy flower, buds and seed heads

19 Jun 2024 18 29 41
Spotted on a grass verge in Southsea.

Canada Goose with Goslings

17 Jun 2024 15 12 41
Taken at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve, Arundel, West Sussex.

Sweet William

16 Jun 2024 12 16 40
Taken indoors using a flower I stole from a bunch given to my wife by a family friend. I returned the flower which was unharmed by it's experience and lasted another week in the vase :-))

Highland Cattle (+PiP)

14 Jun 2024 22 32 51
Highland Cattle originated in the Scottish Highlands and on the Western Isles of Scotland, but they can now be found all over the world. I found this one in a field attached to a farm shop about a 15 minute drive from my house..!! Another shot in the PiP if you are interested.

Sicilian Honey Garlic Seed Heads

14 Jun 2024 23 34 62
These Sicilian Honey Garlic flowers have now gone to seed...........and I think they just as beautiful as when they were flowering. The earlier photo I took is at the link below for comparison if you feel up to it:

HMS Warrior at Portsmouth Naval Base

22 Jun 2024 26 34 61
HMS Warrior is a 40-gun steam-powered armoured frigate, built for the Royal Navy in 1859–1861. Listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, Warrior has been based in Portsmouth since 1987, having been fully restored. Much more information in the link if you are interested: There is another shot in the PiP if you have time to look.

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