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La donna del lago

26 Dec 2011 90 63 1908
An oldie from the archives.... Stock resources from faestock @ www.deviantart.com Thank you Jessica Texture from Picanta at www.deviantart.com La donna del lago Based on Sir Walter Scott's book The Lady of the Lake, La Donna del Lago is the most romantic of Rossini's Italian operas. youtu.be/BUIViIAdxC8 A very small excerpt from the book by Sir Walter Scott. Published in 1899 The boat had touched the silver strand, Just as the Hunter left his stand, And stood concealed amid the brake, To view this Lady of the Lake. The maiden paused, as if again She thought to catch the distant strain. With head upraised, and look intent, And eye and ear attentive bent, And locks flung back, and lips apart, Like monument of Grecian art, In listening mood, she seemed to stand, The guardian Naiad of the strand. And ne'er did Grecian chisel trace A Nymph, a Naiad, or a Grace Of finer form or lovelier face! What though the sun, with ardent frown, Had slightly tinged her cheek with brown-- The sportive toil, which, short and light, Had dyed her glowing hue so bright, Served too in hastier swell to show Short glimpses of a breast of snow. What though no rule of courtly grace To measured mood had trained her pace,--

Storm brewing over the Town Hall (◕‿-)

07 Jul 2021 55 38 544
An oldie from the archives....


When you walk through a storm.....

16 Jan 2022 39 27 362
On Explore...Thank you.. Elvis Presley "You' ll Never Walk Alone" youtu.be/8H9T7427EbI

Triangular Lodge

29 May 2008 26 13 269
The Triangular Lodge is a folly, designed and constructed between 1593 and 1597 by Sir Thomas Tresham near Rushton, Northamptonshire, England. It is now in the care of English Heritage. The stone used for the construction was alternating bands of dark and light limestone. Tresham was a Roman Catholic and was imprisoned for a total of fifteen years in the late 16th century for refusing to become a Protestant. On his release in 1593, he designed the Lodge as a protestation of his faith. His belief in the Holy Trinity is represented everywhere in the Lodge by the number three: it has three walls 33 feet long, each with three triangular windows and surmounted by three gargoyles. The building has three floors, upon a basement, and a triangular chimney. A Latin text 33 letters long runs around the building on each facade. These quotations are:- 1.Aperiatur terra & germinet salvatorem. 2.Quis seperabit nos a charitate Christi. 3.Consideravi opera tua domine at expavi.

Peace lily

13 Mar 2022 41 25 326
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Tea for two...

16 Jan 2022 42 33 343
On Explore...thank you. Dinah Shore & Frank Sinatra - "Tea for Two"/... (1958) youtu.be/5SZ-Ssoz_0A

Kirby Hall, Northamptonshire

At Kirby Hall, Northamptonshire

Belton House gardens

05 Jun 2009 42 32 219
An oldie from the archives... Belton House is a country house in Belton near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. The mansion is surrounded by formal gardens and a series of avenues leading to follies within a greater wooded park. Belton has been described as a compilation of all that is finest of Carolean architecture, the only truly vernacular style of architecture that England had produced since the time of the Tudors. The house has also been described as the most complete example of a typical English country house; the claim has even been made that Belton's principal facade was the inspiration for the modern British motorway signs which give directions to stately homes. Only Brympton d'Evercy has been similarly lauded as the perfect English country house. For three hundred years, Belton House was the seat of the Brownlow and Cust family, who had first acquired land in the area in the late 16th century. Between 1685 and 1688 Sir John Brownlow and his wife had the present mansion built. Despite great wealth they chose to build a modest country house rather than a grand contemporary Baroque palace. The contemporary, if provincial, Carolean style was the selected choice of design. However, the new house was fitted with the latest innovations such as sash windows for the principal rooms, and more importantly completely separate areas for the staff. As the Brownlows rose from baronets to barons upward to earls and then once again became barons, successive generations made changes to the interior of the house which reflected their changing social position and tastes, yet the fabric and design of the house changed little. Following World War I (a period when the Machine Gun Corps was based in the park), the Brownlows, like many of their peers, were faced with mounting financial problems. In 1984 they gave the house away—complete with most of its contents. The recipients of their gift, the National Trust, today fully open Belton to the public. It is in a good state of repair and visited by many thousands of tourists each year.

Happy Christmas Ipernity

23 Dec 2021 35 31 210
My avatar, and some Photoshop ;-)

Icing on the cake ;-)

10 Dec 2021 35 22 223
A snowy Sedum in my garden.


03 Oct 2021 39 30 231
In my garden. Thanks to all you lovely people enquiring about my husband. His radiotherapy starts in February :-(


12 May 2016 42 31 231
In my garden On Explore, thank you

Topsy Turvy

20 Oct 2021 47 42 315
Apologies for not being here much lately. Please read my blog article if you have a minute to spare. www.ipernity.com/blog/june_antill/4737512

Happy weekend everyone ;-)

York Station

30 Sep 2021 41 29 240
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Silk flower in crayon

01 Jul 2008 37 24 313
Texture from Photoscape A very old one from the archives. I don't know where that 13 years went !!!!!!

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