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Höga Kusten-bron in morning fog

Almost godlike

Me in 2014

10 Jan 2014 98
on my 42nd birthday.

Härnösand by night

03 Dec 2013 144
Nattviken in December, handheld camera.

My grandparents

28 Sep 2007 2 285
My grandparents, probably around early 1930ies.

Autumn in Härnösand, Sept 27th 2007

325 / 365 - Sep 29, 2007 - a walk in the forest

29 Sep 2007 371
taking the dog and the daughter out for a long walk in the forest. might be one of the last times she can sit in that palanquin (is that the right word?) before getting too big and too heavy.

1 / 7 - 070929 - Saturday - walking the dog

29 Sep 2007 473
taking the dog and the daughter (in a palanquin on my back ) out for a walk. A "re-shot" of an earlier 7-days photo a bit further down the same path. I could of course have turned back to do the shot in the same place as well, but, well.. maybe next time.

Leaves on the ground

29 Sep 2007 311
Really a accidental shot - I happened to press the shutter while picking up the camera. It came out pretty cool though so I decided to keep it.

Along the path

My father

28 Sep 2007 253
My father, probably around 2 - 3 years old in this picture. Interestingly enough he bears a slight resemblance of my daughter in this image. This photo was originally colourized and slightly retouched.

Red bush


15 Sep 2007 315
Taken with my new mobile phone, a Nokia N95.

Stadsparken Härnösand

Purple leaves


Leaves on the ground

280 / 365 - Aug 15, 2007 - haven't I done this one…

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