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Happy Fence Friday

Old Cty Hall, Toronto

29 Jul 2011 11 18 31
Seen from Nathan Phillips Square. Old City hall opened in 1899; its architest was E. J. Lennox. It remained City Hall till 1965. The City planned to tear it down but an enraged citizenry stopped them. It is now a courthouse.
20 Jul 2010 13 16 43
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (1970, Kenneth R. Cooper), Toronto. Re-edit.

Happy Bench Monday!

Sad Fence Friday

18 Jul 2015 9 15 44
This view has a war memorial in it, so I'm not entering it in the Happy Fence Friday group. I do wish a happy Fence Friday to everyone, though.

Happy Canada Day

23 Jun 2017 15 30 49
Canada Day is July 1. Enjoy yourselves wherever you are. === I don't know who designed this leaf, so can't give them credit for it. It's a great leaf, though.

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