Brighouse West Yorkshire 4th October 2021


04 Oct 2021

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Brighouse West Yorkshire 4th October 2021

The spire of St John the Evangelist Church in Clifton is silhouetted against the rising sun. Seen from Woodhouse Lane railway bridge.

21 Oct 2021

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Halifax West Yorkshire 21st October 2021

With first light on the horizon this is the view south from Mansion Lane bridge Halifax as Grand Central Class 180 diesel multiple unit heads towards Dryclough & Greenland junctions and onwards to London with 1A59 the 06.56 Bradford Interchange to London King's Cross.

24 Jan 2014

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Halifax West Yorkshire 24th April 2014

Not far from Halifax Minster, architecture of a different nature. The complex Victorian steelwork of the 1855 ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway station roof is seen from the top of the stairs down to platforms 1 & 2.

15 Nov 2021

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Ravensthorpe West Yorkshire 15th November 2021

Up the Junction. In the darkness at 07.05 an unidentified TransPennine Express Class 185 diesel multiple unit takes 2J51, the 06.49 Huddersfield to Leeds service, off the ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Calder Valley route at LNW Junction. It will shortly pass through Ravensthorpe station en route to Batley & Leeds. The London & North Western Railway disappeared almost a 100 years ago but the junction still carries its abbreviated name!

14 Nov 2017

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Huddersfield West Yorkshire 14th November 2017

A side view of Huddersfield's 1847 station building and 1880s train shed (on the left) taken from the top of St George's Street just off Westgate. With no modern traffic to date it this street view could be from the 1950s-60s.

09 Nov 2019

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Huddersfield Kirklees West Yorkshire 9th November 2019

A West Yorkshire scene taken from New Hey Road at Ainley Top. Huddersfield town centre lies deep in the fog-bound valley to the left. Castle Hill 7 km to the south east stands proud on the skyline.

01 Jan 2019

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Lockwood Huddersfield Kirklees West Yorkshire 1st January 2019

To the south of Lockwood station, the ex-LYR line to Sheffield passes over the valley of the River Holme by an impressive 476 yards (435 m) long stone viaduct to Berry Brow. An unidentified Northern Class 144 Pacer diesel multiple unit crosses with 2B13 the 11.12 Huddersfield to Sheffield train. Best seen large! Press Z.

18 Aug 2022

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A few lines from Doncaster, Yorkshire 29th August 1976

A 1970s North Bridge trackscape. A telephoto shot of Doncaster station's north end prior to electrification & resignalling of the ECML. I have a postcard bought at the station in the late 1960s with a similar picture to this but from the southern approach. Written across the picture is the caption "A Few Lines from Doncaster". Despite being bought at least 3 years after steam finished there are steam engines in view. I suspect that similar postcards could be bought in many other towns with "A Few Lines from X" as captions.

03 Sep 2022

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Knaresborough North Yorkshire 3rd September 2022

The beautiful Victorian cast iron platform awnings on Knaresborough station.
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