More gnarled olive trees.

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More gnarled olive trees.

23 Mar 2021 54 52 334
Parque de Los Olivos, Algete, Madrid Province.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Work in progress.

22 Mar 2021 42 40 335
I last took a shot here 6 months ago (I've moved out of the area). I thought there would have been more progress but it seems not much really. Full screen best for this I think.

A Chinchón backstreet.

25 Apr 2016 50 46 274
Chinchón, a touristy little town 40 miles southeast of Madrid.

"Just checking, dear; thought I heard something in…

19 Jun 2016 57 95 382
HFF, Everyone! Madrid. Parque de El Capricho. Palacio de Los Duques de Osuna.

Príncipe Pío Station, Madrid

08 Feb 2020 36 27 348
Mainline train above and metro train below.

H. A. N. W. E. everybody!

09 Aug 2018 47 49 319
Fisherman's Cove and The Knavocks, Reskajeage, Cornwall. Apparently an 'official' nudist beach but since it went official, the naturists have gone elsewhere!

HFF Everyone!

18 Feb 2021 44 72 353
A local park, filled with ornamental (ie old and gnarled) olive trees.

Sally's Bottom -For Keith who was desperately unha…

28 Jul 2011 42 37 306
Mini waterfall at Sally's Bottom, Porthtowan, Cornwall. Sally was reputed to be a Cornish ogress. Best on Z. This little waterfall as seen from the side and a shot from another occasion:

Almond blossom in the garden. HFF, everyone!

27 Feb 2021 52 76 385
A sunny day before the Calima struck again (another dust / sand cloud from the Sahara), rendering photo opps a zero these past few days and expected to last a few more days. I gather France has got it too.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

29 May 2011 33 32 303
Granite again! (Perhaps on Z for the rocky detail) I wanted to post some local shots but today (and the past week) has been clouded by another calima dust / sand cloud from the Sahara. Miserable! So, another from my archives!

Unexpected snow storm about to hit.

01 May 2012 41 49 339
Sierra de La Cabrera. I know I've posted this before but I'm happy for it to have another airing!

Granite, cistus and sky.

26 May 2012 36 31 333
Typical Sierra de La Cabrera walking country.

Near Sally's Bottom, South West Peninsula Coastpat…

28 Jul 2011 49 54 344
And she didn't give permission. The coast line between Porthtowan and Portreath, Cornwall. In the far distance is Godrevy Lighthouse and even further, St Ives.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

09 Oct 2011 52 59 329
Granite playground. On Z please for the rocky detail.

Under the ridge. H. A. N. W. E. everybody!

21 Jan 2012 40 42 286
Cancho de La Bola. Home of vultures. There's one soaring above La Bola itself; that white guano-stained boulder at the top. Taken from a snowy GR10 (long-distance path from Lisbon to Valencia). This shows a middle section of La Sierra de La Cabrera.

The last day of the snow 6 weeks ago!

07 Jan 2021 68 110 379
HFF, Everyone! The next day the snow had all gone. The view from my sister's home (now mine too for the time being!), looking over the hen coop and the roofs of Valderrey, our community. Early evening shot. Best on Z.

Wild lavender, babble and dapple

25 May 2013 46 52 306
Iberian lavender (or cantueso) and mountain stream babbling over granite and dappling in the late spring sun a few years ago.


19 Feb 2021 42 50 287
A road and view in our estate. Night falling.

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