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Jardin del Principe de Anglona. HANWE everyone!

13 Dec 2016 57 51 485
An oldie for sure but I didn't have time to investigate my new cameraphone further today.


13 Jul 2023 47 35 301
More trumpet vine! Algete Street Scene 24. The first photo from my new mobile phone. I'm going to need a lot of study and practice, so please bear with me!

Another shot from the olive grove park.

09 Jul 2023 30 11 227
When you get bored, tell me and I'll move on!

New and, sadly, short-lived bud.

09 Jul 2023 40 20 217
Thes was just opening up to reveal its beauty but that night there was a terrible heat wave and by the morning it had perished :o(

Foggy Sierra de La Cabrera

10 Dec 2011 51 35 309
A test photo edit and share to drive and then to ipernity. Not as edited as it could have been due to limited time but it kinda seems to work! It was my most fun day in these mountains ever! Especially as I didn't know, finding my way through the fog, whether I would actually stick my head out from under! When I did, the granite playground was mine, MINE, MINE!!!

Puerto del Medio Celemin

14 Jan 2012 55 40 331
Another side of the Sierra de La Cabrera that is away from the main ridge but has its charms! A smoky / hazy winter shot. (Also posted ages ago but worth another airing methinks!) Another bitterly cold winter day. Here is a link to my 'Mushroom Rock', as mentioned in the photo notes.

Above the village / town.

01 May 2012 41 38 283
La Sierra de La Cabrera. Pure granite. An oldie for sure. The town of La Cabrera lies at its foot. From the town, it's quite a tough and steep ascent. I'm trying to build up the stamina to tackle it again. No editing - I quite like the rough effect. Sight and sound; another Sixto Rodriguez classic:

And yet another!

03 Jul 2023 40 32 306
Another day, another storm! And another day I had planned to get back to those mountains you see there! Ha ha!!

Cable and stormcloud

05 Jul 2023 10 16 177
Algete street scene 24. Broadly similar to a post last year but with one big difference. The trees last year threw many shadows across the road. Now they've all been chopped down. Not sure why, but on looking at one or two of the stumps, perhaps some form of longhorn beetle larva (I've seen similar in other places). Anyway ANOTHER storm on the way and I got home just in time! BTW, someone (who shall remain nameless - she meant no harm), deleted the cable from this.shot. I prefer it in and kept it in for the purpose of compositional balance. Please don't amend my photos without my permission for whatever reason. Thank you!

HANWE, everyone!

02 Jul 2023 34 30 226
Anvil shaped storm cloud (I would guess somewhere over the Lozoya Valley), sunset and, yes, it came our way. Another very stormy sleepless night! Enough is enough! (Sorry about the bit of camera shake clearly visible in those town lights!)

HFF. Trumpet vine.

29 Jun 2023 56 54 237
I wasn't looking for perfection here, I just liked the colour contrast and the general HFF theme. Algete street scene 23.

Sunset, Algete

03 Jul 2023 29 25 257
Not the most spectacular sunset but the light just highlighted the Sierra de La Cabrera rather nicely here, I thought. Probably better on large. I add a note about the old road. We're lucky that the view is unspolt. The main roads to neighbouring villages go well to the left and right of our view! Please see Pam J's response below. Much there of great interest! Sight and Sound: Another Sixto Rodriguez classic;

Another fine old olive tree.

28 Jun 2023 21 17 110
These splendidly gnarled old olive trees seem to be be well liked by ipernians, Algetians and me! Parque de Los Olivos, of course, as if it needed any other name!

My favourite olive tree in the park.

02 Jul 2023 31 18 170
There are over 200 to choose a favourite from but, even so! I like the sturdy, if still small, interestingly shaped branches out of the ancient tree! Should be spectacular in a couple of hundred years!

Hello! Welcoming my computer back home!

30 Jun 2023 15 18 123
So essential repairs done. I took this of my reflection not because I wanted to show off my gorgeous body (ha!) but simply as an experiment (not all that successful) taken to the window. But, anyway here it is and i'm pleased to be back!

Happy bollard

08 May 2018 31 24 215
This won my 'Best-dressed Bollard of the Year Award' back in 2018. I passed by it again yesterday but it wasn't quite up to scratch so I post another of the shots I took back then, simply because I like it! I'LL BE OFF-LINE FOR A FEW DAYS WHILE MY LAPTOP IS IN DRY DOCK FOR ESSENTIAL REPAIRS. CAPACITY ISSUES TOO (PHOTOS!) I HOPE TO BE BACK IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING THIS COMING WEDNESDAY..

Where sea and cliff meet

23 Aug 2015 41 32 210
Tubby's Head, Cornwall. I like listening to Chopin and looking at the sea at the same time!

Dusk view without a sunset. The third of three pos…

23 Jun 2023 21 15 173
A shot taken from the opposite direction to the shot recently posted of the house from the road down there. Shot taken from the middle terrace, overlooking the lower terrace, part of the back garden and part of the vegetable and fruit garden.

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