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Trailer with beautiful sky

11 May 2024 19 12 53
For the first time in my life, I finally got to see northern lights! I am so excited! These are all taken at my son's house, where there is no light pollution. From my apartment, it was impossible. I live in town, so there are bright lights everywhere and only the faintest pale purple & green were visible. In these out-of-town photos, the light is brighter and pink more saturated than in reality. I think my inexpensive Samsung did a pretty good job.

My first Northern Lights

11 May 2024 10 4 27
Northern lights, Dorris, California, USA. It was exciting to see the vertical lines moving back and forth. I live in Oregon, north of this photo, but could not get good photos due to light pollution in the city.

Northern Lights, Oregon, 2024

11 May 2024 10 1 22
Northern lights, Dorris, California. Headlights on Highway 97 and a big irrigation sprinkler in front. This is farmland. In the photos, the colors are more saturated. I would love to know reactions of people who didn't know this was going to happen! It was supposed to be visible in most of the USA - what a treat! I thought of my mother, who said she saw northern lights a few times as a child growing up in South Dakota. ;-)

Glorious sky

11 May 2024 7 18
What a scene. A tiny travel trailer and the northern lights. Dorris, California. Colors varied from purple to pink to green.

In the weeds

Brushes for this and that

Metal dog

22 Sep 2023 2 2 55
I gave this to my dad, a great fan of dogs, a long time ago. Now it's mine. It makes me happy.

Galloping dog

12 Apr 2024 7 2 46
Clyde the Galloping Wonder Dog! A classic mutt. but with a gorgeous, glossy coat. A total doofus loved by all. My son sings a special song to him when he gets home from work and Clyde loses his mind...in a good way.

Funny Bunny

30 Mar 2024 10 12 59
My great grand-daughter. is eight months old and for some reason is sticking her tongue out as a greeting these days. Perhaps she's seen a documentary about Maori customs.;-b

Ernie in landscape

27 Jan 2024 12 20 79
Ernie is a small sized Aussie healer. (OK, heeler.) He's kind of a comical little guy, but true to his breed he is stubborn, aloof and likes only one person in the world: my daughter-in-law. Everyone else can just go take a hike...unless they have a ball to toss.

Clyde in landscape

Parking lot decorations

Late afternoon

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