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It's still standing upright

06 Jun 2024 27 11 68
For more than a decade, I have been fascinated by this dried wild pear tree and, given that it stands above the medieval tombstones - stećaks from the time of the Bogomils, I wonder: whether it grew or was planted to be their guardian and landmark of that historical era?

Tenderness hawthorn flowers...

01 Jun 2024 28 12 105
...behind which hides very prickly thorns!

Црква Светог Илије у селу Имљани

02 Aug 2022 19 8 93
The log cabin church in the village of Imljani (temple dedicated to Saint Elijah) is located on the slopes of Mount Vašić at an altitude of 1148 m. Located on a hill in the hamlet of Makarići and surrounded by a dense coniferous forest. The exact time of the church's construction has not been reliably determined, and legends about its origin are associated with this church. The first legend says that she was in the valley of the Ugar River and that she moved to this place overnight. It is mentioned that this relocation took place in 1760. Another legend is related to a child who, when he grew up and became a vizier in the Turkish government, as a sign of gratitude to his native land, approved its construction on the condition that it should not be seen from afar, that it should be in the forest. In the altar is kept a staff which is believed to have belonged to Saint Elijah and there are also various legends about it.

A rainbow over my street

A tree stronger than scars

Hawthorn in full bloom

22 May 2024 21 9 150
I very like this healing herb

We're almost home, but let's get some rest

Viewpoint at Ugar river canyon

Benches around the fountain

29 Apr 2024 22 11 105

Raft on the green river

Hi there!

"Dandelion" - HBM!


Snow when it's not his time

17 Apr 2024 32 15 129
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