Dear members of ipernity!

If e-mails sent by ipernity do not arrive, it is because they get caught in the spam filters of the receiving e-mail providers.

These always first monitor whether the sender's IP address is on a public blacklist. A check of the ipernity domain using the tool has shown that ipernity is not included in any of those blacklists. Mails from ipernity will therefore always arrive at your mail provider.

But mail providers also apply additional filtering measures. This can lead to mails from ipernity ending up in your spam folder even though ipernity is not listed as suspicious. To remedy this, you can whitelist and in your mail account settings. With some providers you can also set the option "Do not treat contacts in your address book as spam". In such cases it is advisable to set up the two e-mail addresses mentioned as your contacts.

The setting methods for this differ from provider to provider. Therefore we can only give the general instruction that you can usually find them in the setting options of your mail box.

If this is unsuccessful, you can try asking your mail provider's hotline for help. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you, because we are not the owners of your account. In most cases, however, it is more promising to use a Google Mail or Yahoo account rather than the GMX or Hotmail which are known to be critical.

Your ima team