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  • de/eo - Weihnachtsoratorium - Kristnaska oratorio - J.S. Bach 1734/1735 Teil I

    Krippe im Patroklidom in Soest
    de/eo Aus der Herderkirche in Weimar John Eliot Gardiner - Dirigent Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists Claron McFadden - sopran Christoph Genz - tenor Bernarda Fink - alt Dietrich Henschel - bass Katharine Fuge Weihnachtsoratorium - kristnaska oratorio Johann Sebastian Bach Teil I…

  • Midori Takada~Le rêve d'Henri Rousseau~

    Extrait de l'album 'Through the Looking Glass' (1983) Midori Takada : percusionniste et compositrice japonaise née en 1951.


    Dear friends, please stay! I do not believe it is helpful to panic, escape from Ipernity, and build refugee communities on other platforms. In order to stay in contact with each other you do not need to escape; you should better stay here where we already have this great community and these contacts. To escape at this point is not rational: It is weakening Ipernity. And it weakens our own community. You are already about to split onto different platforms. I am not saying above on the…