Hello Everyone,

Hello Everybody, Bonjour - We're Back Home I hope you are all well and happy.

We have returned to this so called ‘civilsation’ in the south from our travels around the wilds of Scotland and I am not at all sure that I like it.

While travelling up through West Highlands, we barely saw any rubbish and the people we met, both vistors and locals alike, were polite, friendly and hospitable. No carrier bags were hanging from trees and bushes and no fly tipping. Almost every layby and piece of land that could be parked on had a bin which was emptied regularly, even on ‘out of the way’ tracks. This in an area where distances are greater and more logistically difficult and the cost of services are much higher than in the southern, more densely populated areas. It was particularly noticeable as we journeyed back down the eastern side of Scotland. The further south we progressed, more human detritus became evident and the more uncivilised became the Populus. A sad inditement on this wonderful progressive society we’re all supposed to be so proud of.

OK, over. We have had a wonderful time and I am probably suffering from a ‘hangover’.

It is going to take me a while to go through my photos, while catching up readjusting to everyday life. I have also ordered a laser cutter/photo engraving machine which should be ready for collection sometime this week and will have to be installed and tested so bare with me and I will start feeding some pics in as soon as I can. I am also looking forward to browsing through the photos that you have posted while we have been away.

We returned to find an overgrown garden so to kick things off I have posted a small update of flowers to start things off again.

JayOh (John)