Confidence I am usually asked quite often what is the best camera to buy or give as a holiday gift, even though most of us have some type of mobile phone in our pocket. My answer is always Pentax or Ricoh, here's why:

PENTAX is owned by Ricoh, who has great (All-in-One) compact cameras that are Water PROOF. Shock PROOF. Kid PROOF. Pentax / Ricoh has an incredible line-up and it seems they think of every need.

Bottom line is with PENTAX you get more bang for your buck, so why spend more than you need to? Buy an extra lens or SD cards with the savings.

What first sold me to PENTAX twelve years ago - with the Pentax K-10D - is their clever marketing in that they, unlike the others, spend more of their time and investment in engineering a durable camera more than advertising it.

The second thing that sold me is how the CCD sensor collected the image in analog and then converts it to digital = an image that looks like it was shot on film. Just what I was looking for!

The third thing that sold me on PENTAX is simply every lens is far sharper and superior than any of my Nikon lenses I remember ever were.

Finally, when I loaded my RAW images into Apple Aperture editing software, I usually don’t have to play with the colors and tonal range (though I tweak it a bit to my taste) as I did with the other DSLR camera‘s that I tried out before I bought my first PENTAX K-10D.

Today, though, I shoot all JPEG images, post processed in-camera, or with PicMonkey. I don't have to play with how Adobe is controlling the digital negative market.

All of the buttons on the PENTAX are in the right place, and the camera system is easy to learn and put to work instantly. They are durable, well engineered, and many camera bodies and lenses are water proof.

One nice feature of owning a PEXTAX DSLR is that you can see your images on the PENTAX Photo Gallery, so go and get your PENTAX and submit your pictures to the gallery too!

Thanks for reading.

Frank J Casella