When it comes to plants, there is a certain way to plant seeds that will produce abundant growth and life from the plant. In life, whether we plant seeds with self or others, the results can be the same.

For example, I belong to this ministry at my church that the pastor started a few years ago. Now it is time for him to move to another parish, and someone mentioned how the pastor will be missed .... and he will be. However, I brought up the importance of noticing the seeds he planted, and that God is calling for him to go plant more seeds elsewhere.

In other words, once we plant seeds into the ground, we have to allow the sun and the rain, and the birds of the field, if you will, to do their part in the growth of the plant. Likewise, in life, we have to look to the skills and talents of other people to nurture things to let it grow.

As I often say, God uses people to do His work. We cannot do it alone to reach our full potential, or to help others to do so.

As you go through your day and interact with others, do you look for ways to plant seeds with others, or allow others to plant seeds into your life?

Think about it.

Thanks for reading.

Frank J Casella