Articles by Blue rubber octopus

  • Chugwater, Wyoming

    - 10 years ago - 2 comments
    On my first visit to Chugwater, Wyoming, my oldest daughter and I were on a midwinter road trip. We were driving north on I-25, and suddenly the oil pressure in my Jeep started to fall fast. I took the next exit, for a town named Chugwater, Wyoming. We pulled in to town and there was a good sized gas station and store. I turned the car off to let it cool down, went inside, and studied a map. The attendants helpfully informed me there was a Jeep dealer in the next town up the highway, Wheatland…

  • Vandals hit our railroad museum, hard

    - 04 Jan 2014 - 3 comments
    An article in the newspaper about the railroad museum which I am president of: Donations can be sent to: BVRHS 936 Spencer St. Longmont, CO 80501 We are a 501C3 tax exempt organization and we will send you a donation receipt.

  • Film in 2013

    - 14 Jul 2013 - 4 comments
    I've been shooting a lot of film in the last couple of years. One common question is, "Oh, can you still get that developed, or do you develop it yourself?", and another is "I didn't know you could still buy it." Buying film It turns out there are plenty of places to buy film. Here in Longmont, CO, almost every grocery store carries it. King Soopers market recently ran a sale on C-41 process black and white fillm, so I bought all of it at one local store. The little store by my house sel…