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  • Le sikhisme, une philosophie tolérante et égalitaire dans un gant de fer

    Haut lieu de dévotion pour les Shiks, le Harmandir Sahib, « l’Illustre temple de Dieu », est plus connu sous le nom de « Temple d'Or ». Il est situé au coeur de la ville d'Amritsar dans l'Etat du Punjâb, au nord-ouest de l'Inde, à quelques kilomètres de la frontière pakistanaise.


    Bear of the city brother of words Friend of thoughts, Him, he looks into the world with clear eyes and a false bonhomie. And what he says shows the original impatience: « I want to understand, says the kid to the man! Is there something to understand, asks the man to the kid? » Him, my friend poet from Lisboa Happy Birthday, Armando Taborda Ours de la ville, frère des mots Ami de pensées, Lui, il regarde le monde avec des yeux claires et une fausse pati…

  • Newly Elected Board - April 7th, 2024

    Executive Board (elected by the Ipernity General Assembly on March 25, 2023 and April 7, 2024) William Sutherland , United States, President Corinne Pommerell , Luxemburg, Treasurer Rob Stamp , United Kingdom, Webmaster Laura Fletcher , United States, Moderator Executive Assistants ( appointed by the Executive Board in accordance with ARTICLE VII,10 of the IMA Statutes ) Helena-Paule Fitoussi , France (hotline, spam removal) Stefan Roßkopf , Germany (IT) S…

  • IGA 2024 - Report of the President on 2023

    IGA 2024 - Report of the President on 2023 Activity report on the year 2023 IGA 2024 - Rapport du Président sur l'année 2023 Rapport d'activité pour l'année 2023 IGA 2024 - Bericht des Präsidenten über das Jahr 2023 Tätigkeitsbericht über das abgelaufene Geschäftsjahr 2023

  • The Threshold - O Limiar

    The Threshold
    I walk along the wall and do not know if I arrive at the end of the road or if I am on the threshold between reality and dream but I know that on the other side lives the unimaginative entity without uncertainties protected from me and the world. Passeio ao longo do muro e não sei se chego ao fim do caminho ou se estou no limiar entre a realidade e o sonho mas sei que do outro lado mora a entidade sem imaginação nem incertezas que se protege de mim e do mundo. Armando TABORDA…

  • The New York minute - Teil 2 - MacArthur Park

    “The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.“ [1]

  • Where do I start?

    Shells in the sea
    As some of you know - my daughter, Mandi, is here with me until the middle of August which is fantastic. She's been spoiling me by cooking my meals, washing up and cleaning etc. It's amazing. When Emily comes on Tuesday, I'm going to ask her if she'll take Mandi shopping. So I have almost 4 weeks of her being here and then - GUESS WHAT....................................!! I'm going back to Turkey with her for just over 4 weeks!!! I'm so proud of her travelling here all alone, considering…


    # the Lords of Cabral and Magellan of my youth didn't need caravels and galleons to sail but just some wind to fill their life and misery # then there were the dictatorship's prisons that frighten the sailors but there were just a few for so much hunger # we the motherland volunteers in our academies were already aware of the empires independence post-world war II and the surrender or the combatants at goa daman and diu on the ankylosed back of the dictator who ended falling o…

  • Desires - Desejos

    desires and dreams don't age in the body so often the thought claims them even when we don't enjoy their pleasures os desejos e os sonhos não envelhecem no corpo assim frequentemente o pensamento reclama-os mesmo quando não usufruímos seus prazeres by Armando TABORDA

  • Invisible Light - Luz Invisível

    Amarante, River Tâmega (4)
    Invisible light can be seen on trees clothes bodies and other shapes like this on the wave oscillation that spreads it. Invisível luz vê-se nas árvores roupas corpos e outras formas assim na oscilação da onda que a propaga. by Armando TABORDA, 2009 (post 1st edition, 2010; 2nd edition, 2019;…

  • 2023 Candidatures for the Board

    ima team
    We look forward to the members confirming these appointments at the IGA. In reply to our various calls for candidatures for the mandates of President, Vice President, Webmaster and Moderator the following persons have come forward: William Sutherland - as President. Current incumbent, standing for re-election No one has come forward for Vice-President. Rob Stamp - as Webmaster. In the role previously, standing again Laura…

  • 2023-02-03 Club News

    Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1) Website update: Improved album listing when uploading. Until now, if you wanted to put a photo into one of your albums, it was often difficult to find this. This was because your albums were previously displayed based on the order in which they were created, with the most recent albums on top (see the following illustration, left-hand). In addition, the list was limited to fifty albums. This limit was expandable, but it was cumbersome. The d…

  • Nightmare - Pesadelo

    Í saw a light at the end of the tunnel but the darkness around me was so deep that my dream crumbled into nightmare Vi uma luz ao fundo do túnel mas a escuridão à minha volta era tanta que o meu sonho se desfez em pesadelo by Armando TABORDA, 2014 (post 1st edition, 2014; 2nd edition, 2023)

  • What is a good photo?

    What is a good photo?
    © Bernhard Westrup ( Bergfex ) (collage with only own pictures) Three months ago, the administration of the ambassador pictures fell to me. This group is one of the flagships of ipernity, because the pictures in this group are shown to curious visitors from the web when they discover our website and click onto the button: Explore ➽Noteworthy . At this occasion, the co-admin raingirl , who also is a jury member, asked the important question: " What is a good photo? What mak…

  • Solidarité avec l’Ukraine

    Face au drame ukrainien avec mon ami Alain Lefebvre, nous avons voulu participer à l’élan de solidarité en affrétant un véhicule utilitaire pour acheminer de l’aide d’urgence à la frontière Slovaque. Retour sur cette mission humanitaire pleine d’imprévus.

  • 2021-12-31 Happy New Year

    For other languages: ipernity members may use the integrated translator at the end of this article. (Visitors: Please use DeepL Translator or install an add-on that suits your browser.)…

  • 2021-01-01 Happy New Year!

    ⏩ Deutsche Version ⏩ Version française Dear members and friends of ipernity, A turbulent year ends. In everyday life, we were confronted with incidents that were not even vaguely imaginable at the start of the year. And with regard to our website we also encountered some very critical challenges. In spring, we were struck by an interruption in the connection to PayPal. The cause was that our website was using outdated software that PayPal no longer accepted. In summer, a se…

  • How To Create A YouTube Picture Show Easily

    Ordner Bilder
    At first reading everything might seem to be a little bit tedious. But do not worry. With some practice it goes rather fast. 1. Create a new directory on your PC. 2. Place copies of the images you want to show in the best available resolution . ⚠️ For prac…

  • IP - Eternity

    Found on World Wide Web... Sort of a funny coincidence. More from this Russian music artist IP can be found at SoundCLoud . What comes to the name of our "home", ipernity comes from "IP & eternity" . And IP stands for "Internet Protocol". Our company is called "ipernity" for "IP" -the internet protocol- and "eternity" to evoke eternity, because it is about passing on to posterity via the internet all the digital content that we produce over time. Ipernity is therefore an Int…

  • Kommentar zu einem Blog über Flickr

    FireShot Pro Screen Capture #460 - 'Flickr erhöht die Preise für Flickr Pro – Schockwellenreiter' - blog schockwellenreiter de
    Der Schockwellenreiter schrieb über Flickr: Mein Kommentar dazu: "Der ehemalige Wettbewerber hat sein Team bereits gefunden! Er wurde nämlich 2017 vor der Pleite gerettet, indem die Mitglieder die Webseite per Crowdfunding aufkauften. Seitdem wird Ipernity sehr professionell von den Mitgliedern selbst gemanagt. Die öffentlich zugänglichen Jahresberichte der „Ipernity Members Association“ zeigen, dass der Verein finanziell gesund ist. D…

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