The worst summer of smoke in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The photo below (see source) shows what July and August have looked like. Some days lighter than this photo, but many, especially in August, have been as below. The low hills beyond the trees are invisible.

Photo: Herald & News today

Temperatures have been in the 90s (32-37C), adding to the feeling of suffocation. Good weather news, though, we are due to have temps in the 70s (23-26C) beginning this Friday.

A screengrab from the Inciweb map showing currently active fires encircling the Klamath Basin. K.Falls is approximately below the blue arrow. The straight horizontal line is the border between Oregon and California. To the right of the vertical line is Nevada.

The fire icon to the right of Redding, California, is the largest wildfire in that state's history. Wind is commonly southwesterly or westerly in the above area, delivering the smoke from many fires above to the broad natural basin where I live. Go to the interactive map to see all active continental US fires:

Does anyone know of an incident map that shows all active North Amerian fires? I've found one that shows Canadian and Mexican fires ("hot spots," technically) until you zoom out enough to see all of them: Another one I looked at in the search that was titled North American Forest Fire Incident System showed a single fire - in Montana!