Guide of good conduct

With ipernity you can publish and share your photos, your videos and all your digitized memories. You can also keep in touch and interact with your close relations.

The respect of all users and the quality of the service remains ipernity's permanent concern provided all our users strive to respect our values.

The present guidelines aim to help you to better understand the state of mind we expect from our users. Your use of ipernity relies on your agreement of both this document and our General Terms and Conditions of Service.

What we expect from you

If ipernity was to face any content related problem

We reserve the right at our own discretion to delete any content considered unsuitable and/or disregarding our Terms of Use and/or the present guidelines. Depending on the seriousness of the case, ipernity shall decide to terminate the account of the user held responsible and to delete all its content and if necessary report the user to the law-enforcing authorities. If there is a perceived conflict or inconsistency with similar information mentioned in the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use takes precedence over the Guide of Good Conduct.

We have set up these rules so that everyone has a positive ipernity experience. We rely on you to abide by them. We thank you for having taken the time to acknowledge them.

Last update: 2022-09-03