About David

My photos can now be found by visiting: gallery.virtualskyhomestead.com

In the summer of 2014, my wife and I decided to leave the city and build ourselves a new home, out here on the Saskatchewan prairie, with only our good Lord, Jesus Christ, to guide us. Since we left the rat-race, we have built our own tiny house, growing our own food and raising our own animals. We are well on the road to a life closer to God and are becoming more self sufficient every day.

As you can probably tell from my photographs, photography is just a hobby for me. On occasion, I take photographs of things that I find interesting, and of things I feel compelled to share with others. I'm no photographer or artist. I just take photos that I enjoy looking back upon and remembering. I hope you find enjoyment in some of them, also.

Occupation: Homesteader


My current line of cameras: AgfaPhoto Selecta 16, Panasonic DMC-FZ8, Fuji Instax 50, Lomography Lomo'Instant.

Preferred software: Q4OS - www.q4os.org ~ SeaMonkey - www.seamonkey-project.org/start ~ SweetHome3D - www.sweethome3d.com ~ Fotoxx - www.kornelix.com/fotoxx.html ~XnRetro - www.xnview.com/en/xnretro

You can also find me on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/c/Virtualskyhomestead

Interested in having your own private photo sharing site? Feel free to contact me, over at my media domain space: www.chorusgrove.com