About Taskusammakko

Crafting gifts, surprises, decorations and necessities from materials both recycled and new.

Living frugally and finding ways to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Exploring our nordic nature.

Adoring the adorable Tiu, Tau and Tessu.

Dabbling in gardening and container gardening.

Sorting, organizing, storing, fixing up and labeling the treasures come my way.

Enjoying country life, peace of mind, better health and a more industrious me after years spent struggling with depression.

Learning about peculiar things like medlars and bletting.


Sharing life in pictures with family, and with friends both old and new.

I'm sad to have to "ruin" all the photos with watermarks but after having people steal them and pass them off as their own and - as amateurish as they are - have even commercial websites on several occasions use them without permission in the past, I wanted to do what I can to prevent it from happening again. If you are interested in the unwatermarked versions to use for non-profit, educational or charity work, please contact me via the Ipernity mail function.

Please note also that some of the photos I've posted have not been taken by me personally. A good deal of them have been taken by my near and dear.


Nature, crafts, writing, photographing, gardening, reading, mending clothes, vintage finds, languages.