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  • Cuba Photo

    Cuba Photo

    Created 12 years ago

    For all people who love Cuba and its people and respect the souveranity of this country. All images of landscapes, villages, people etc. are welcome, if they have a certain quality in techniques and content. To increase quality, all photos will be moderated from now on before publication.

  • Shipwrecks - Schiffswracks - Épaves

    Shipwrecks - Schiffswracks - Épaves

    Created 5 years ago

    all abandoned rusty, rotten boats and ships around the world are welcome. quality of photos should be high or at least the object should be of interest. the existing shipwreck group seems not to be managed, so I created a new one. if you are able to research the name and history of the wreck, even the technical data, it's welcome!