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Phil Sutters

As my railway & model-making interests have rather taken over from photography, I have cut back on some of my group memberships and am only uploading the occasional photo. My principal focus on ipernity is on making my father's railway photos available to other enthusiasts. I do appreciate the kind comments that other members have made over the past few years. I do have a look through other people's work from time to time, but there is so much on the site, that it's hard to find time even to do justice to contacts' photos.
Best wishes to all those who read this. If Christmas is a season that you celebrate - have a good one!
Many of my non-railway photos have been used, by me, to make charity fund-raising greetings cards. This is why a large proportion have been given frames and captions; a few even have greetings included in the image.
Many of my photos have come across from Flickr as sets, straight into albums. As such they don't appear in the day-to-day new photo stream. So please check my album menu to keep up to date.

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