About opdrie

I use:

Nikon coolpix 4600 &
Sony alpha 100

I never use network pages, I use google reader, once a week [between 1200 and 1400 photo's]

And I visit all the streams of my
contacts at least twice a month and still like it

vote and comment more then 30 photo's every week

I run 2 groups and participate in some other groups

I have seen all
jake's photos and voted 63 of them [see This]

I'm blocked by
mad.melon [I'm a lurker]

I drink a lot of
coffee [no milk, no sugar]

I like the
flatness of my country

I still have a
F****r account, but I like ipernity better

my most favorite ipernity member is

I'm not very good in social interactions ; ]

I like the ''Small village" atmosphere on this site

I find it very inspiring to see the work of you all

I miss some members, learned a lot of them

Christine Lebrasseur wants to marry me

and I said yes

I will stay for a while longer, sorry ; ]


coffee, koffie, kaffee, café, caffè, kaffe,