About KliX

Running away from Censorship and trying other possibilities than Flickr! So if you wish I would be happy that you visit me there as I have 930 pictures there and it is hard to give them up and all commentaries on them like this!
Photography is my passion and the way how I see the world. I want to enjoy it without anybody imposing his/her pseudo moral standards on it!

All these pictures have been taken by me. So please don't use them without asking me first. I most probably would not bite ;-)

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Reading , Photography , Cinema , Listening to music, Graphic Design / Web Design

Favorite music and artists:

World Music - Jazz - Flamenco - Modernized Oriental music - Classic

Favorite movies and actors:

Against the wall
Wings of Desire
The Boat
Apocalypse Now
Cinema Paradiso
La Reine Margot
Un Coeur en Hiver
Leon, the Professional
The Big Blue

Favorite books and authors:

Haruki Murakami
John Irving
Umberto Eco
Jean Claude-Izzo