About **~Sara~**

I love my boys more than anything in this world.
My boys come before anything & everyone.
I hate people that don't know me but judge me.
I can't stand the 99%.
I can be very mean and hateful.
I will cuss you out with a quickness if you offend me.
I am bipolar.
I can have severe mood swings.
I pretty much can't stand most people.
My enemies can rot in hell.
I am very sensitive...believe it or not.
I need anger management classes.
I have a big forehead.
I have a cavity I have to get filled.
My eyesight is 20/20.
I am a huge smart ass.
I use the word fuck a lot.
I cuss like there's no tomorrow.
I can't stand when my boys leave the toilet seat up.
There should be some kind of RULE or TREATY you have to sign to use the fucking toilet...i mean for real. Uhhh don't get me started.
I do like a few things. But who cares...cuz I'm bitchy right now.
All of the above still holds true...but I will add a few to these.
I LOVE music...mostly all kinds.
I got my fucking cavity filled. =)