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Fi Webster

67 years old - Born on February 22, 1955

I'm a 67-yr-old writer, artist, & retired physician. My name is Fiona Webster, but you can call me Fi (”fee").

I grew up sailing small boats along the Gulf Coast of Texas: my home city is Houston. Now I live in Maryland, so I'm one homesick Texan.

I've been married to the same guy for over 40 years—a ponytailed botanist whose research is in forest community ecology. We have no kids (by choice). We share our home with two oriental longhair cats, Stevie Ray and Emmylou.

I've been on the Internet for 30+ years, always with the same two letters (fi) before my @ sign. If you want to check out what I used to be up to, online, visit my circa 1998 website at www.oceanstar.com ...I wrote my own HTML. Much to my amazement, it still works.

My longtime obsessions are Patti Smith, rock-n-roll, horror literature, splatter cinema, fish (especially sharks), sailing, medicine, & science.

My personal approach to making art is largely inspired by the ideas of Dada. In the words of Hugo Ball, the founder of the Zurich nucleus of Dada that kicked off in 1916, "Dada regarded art as an adventure of liberated humanity...It was an adventure even to find a stone, a clock-movement, a tram-ticket, a pretty leg, an insect, the corner of one's own room; all these things could inspire pure and direct feeling. When art is brought into line with everyday life and individual experience, it is exposed to the same risks, the same unforeseeable laws of chance, the same interplay of living forces. Art is no longer a serious and weighty emotional stimulus, nor a sentimental tragedy, but the fruit of experience and joy in life."

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Place of residence: United States