About Evangrek63

55 years old - Born on November  3, 1963

I am a doctor,microbiologist married with four children..I speak english and german fluently and some italian and esperanto...I want to believe I have a good sense of humour and I love life with all its difficulties apart from joys..!! Much more about me you will discover if you know me better.

Occupation: ιατρός-doctor-docteur-Arzt-kuracisto


Walking,swimming,listening to music,films,theatre,language learning,museum visiting..good exquisite food(mostly greek cuisine and italian food)..and most of all :GOOD FRIENDS

Favorite music and artists:

Maria Callas,Sarah Brightman,Emma Shapplin,Pink Floyd,Emma Bunton,Sting,Giusy Ferreri,Anna Vissi,Alkistis Protopsalti,Eleftherhia Arvanitaki,hip hop...and many many others..!!

Favorite movies and actors:

European Cinema...'Le chocolat' ....Tarkovsky 'The sacrifice'..'My big greek fat wedding"

Favorite books and authors:

Agatha Christie..Paule Coelho...Irvin Yalom