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43 years old - Born on July 10, 1975

UPDATE 11/11/09: Started a blog, take a look and leave comments: http://edvphoto.blogspot.com

People are my fascination.

In love with street photography. Most pictures are marked for F&F, mail me if you want to be added as a friend. Don't ask if you don't have similar stuff to share. Some pictures are available to the public, but you'll need to adjust your safety level to moderate to be able to view them.

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Currently using: Nikon D80, Nikon Coolpix 8800, Nikon L1

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Place of residence: Washington, United States

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Beat Streuli
Henri Cartier-Bresson
W. Eugene Smith
Irving Penn
Robert Doisneau
Diane Arbus
Man Ray
Richard Avedon