About dorofoto

Can't believe that I really took a picture every day now for more than two years. Only one day in may 2013 I did not, and this was for a reason: All of a sudden Flickr had changed its layout and I simply could not get used to it. Actually I wanted to stop my series back then, actually feeling relieved a bit to be free and feel no duty, but friends of mine told me to better continue and so I did and of course I am very happy (and a bit proud) that I did.
I like the concept because it forces me softly to get better in taking pictures. But certainly it's sometimes hard though on very full days to take the snap and I have to live with the dullness and predictability of it, but hey, that's life. My life consists of repetition a lot and of many many tiny details, that are very questionably worth remembering them, but all together it's the chain of days merging in life as such.
I still remember the first day, 30th of july 2012, it was such a spontaneous urge telling me to take a picture of the tree behind the house hiding a cloud behind it. And then the pleasure started.
One thing I really like about the concept is that I can use it for little projects. In february 2013 I took only pictures with the color red in them, later I made postcards (you can have a look here: www.ipernity.com/doc/dorofoto/album/657687) They are very nice on paper and the whole set of ten costs 15 euro, send me a note if you are interested.
And a few months ago I started taking portraits of my neighbors. That is because portraits are my favorite genre and I really love investigating the differences within the same parameters. The people are connected by their choice of living but of course they are all individuals. The series is still growing and I love how my neighbors like to be a part in it. For my neighbors you can have a look here: www.ipernity.com/doc/dorofoto/album/681197
Thank you for visiting my stream. See you around!