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I began photographing when I was 10 or so with Perfecta II I received from my aunt. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) no photos from that time are preserved. OTOH, it didn't make me too much fun, because I had no idea on how to use a camera, and there was no one to tell me. My aunt used to live in the former GDR, and my parents and me used to live in West Germany. Interest in photographing grew, when my grandfather purchased an Agfa Optima, which I were allowed to use from time to time. My first own camera was a Topcon Uni, a Japanese SLR, which I still have in my collection, and which I still use from time to time. My second camera was a Yashica FR I I purchased in the eighties, which I also still have in use on a not too regular base. On a regular base I photograph with my actual DSLRs, a Canon EOS 70D and a Canon EOS 600D, with a compact Lumix DMC-TZ71, and with a medium format analogue Zenza Bronica ETRSi.
I also have a small collection of some 30 or so analog medium format and 24*36 cameras.

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Occupation: Computer specialist, retired now


photographing, motorbiking, playing didgeridoo, reading, travelling